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Strategic Strength-Reflexion Ideas

Fagepi, with the collaboration of ACC1Ó, in October 2009 organized a day of strategic thinking in order to share experiences and knowledge to generate strategies for participation and joint working. Here you can download a summary of the day which includes the main ideas of each of the speakers.

The strategy is the key to success.

It is necessary to expand the traditional view of the cluster as a territorial unit and expand the optical cluster understood companies that share a business, a competitive challenges and common strategy. International cooperation between clusters of different countries is growing trend uan should also make Catalan clusters. in clothed themselves in the textile sector should be encouraged inter-territorial cooperation, proposing integration projects and participating in projects in other clusters. Western economies can not compete with all that traveling in a container and must specialize in providing not be solely products, but experiences produced, to consumers.

the e-commerce, contrary to the other formats, grows up all the time.

This is another of the opportunities offered by the current scene. The marks to be set to this new reality. Not be present in the network can represent not exist. But having a presence on the Internet, without generating traffic acquisition channels is squandering resources. It is important to make efforts to generate traffic. Socials networks are appropriate tools to generate traffic and to establish a platform for customer relationship. You must define a strategy and think on-line. In this sense, the Textile Agrupació FAGEPI has focused its campaign prócima Igualada outlet of building social networks (Facebook and Twitter) to attract compadores to the factory outlets.

Creative tinking as the key to the future.

On the other hand, discussed the key creative thinking for the future. The pre and post industrial revolution has been based on analytical and rational thought. The future will be more based on creative thinking, intuitive, emotion, feelings, values and spirituality. Luxury brands of the future will be based on ethical principles. It rewards companies with clear strategies, well defined, consistent and transparent exercise with customers, suppliers and the company Human Resources.


Participants were able to share their experiences, anticipate future trends, find answers to their technology and know the strategies to follow to gain competitiveness. In short, some of the recommendations that were drawn were:

§ Addressing challenges taken (focusing While the strategy and resources).

§ Keep an open mind (Open Innovation: cooperating to compete).

§ Differentiate the brand and give his account, the new ethics. aim to diversify markets and emerging economies.

§ Having owned outlets .

§ Think on-line.

These are some of the conclusions that the sector could be drawn from the interventions of the speakers at the seminar and on which we invite you to participate with your comments and contributions.

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